Thursday, March 6, 2008

what i wore to work

at first i only want to post these photos, the serial one with the normal boring pose and sleepy faces

then i got really confused, because deep in my heart i want to post these photos too

so i post them all..xp
i decide not to wear those black plastic shoes, as ussual, i wear my pointed black shoes.
and the detail of my stocking:

top: nolabel, i forget where i bought it.
puff sleeves cardigan: topshop
skirt: custom made
belt: moms hand me down
bag: metro
stocking: metro
shoes: galdys
painting: "lies" made by me from college :)

ok, i need to go to sleep now..
see you around bloggers!



Stararah said...

I love your stockings!

Anonymous said...

I love those stockings, too!

lc said...

i love that belt!! your mom has great style.

helvetica said...

thanks guys!
and, lc, yeah its really fun to 'thrifting' at her wardrobe..but unfortunately i dont fit in to her size..skirt,pants, shoes..i only can take bags and accessories..

Ediot said...

such a fashiony girl!wow.fab style!

Z//A said...

hey i love your style! :)

helvetica said...

ediot & Z/A
thank you!