Sunday, March 23, 2008

summer dress for sushi time

today me and my bf went to this oldfashion sushi house, called sushi tengoku at south jakarta. we eat like crazy. unfortunately the pictures of what we ate is on his camera, only these left at mine:

and these:

today i was so glad that the bf wants to participate to take my outfit pictures, for the sake of this blog..but at the last picture, he's grumbled..he says that why am i taking too much pictures, and he thinks other people will annoyed, seeing me posing around at public and flashing with the camera. and it makes me a little cranky.

ok, maybe he's right :(


AlicePleasance said...

What a lovely dress!

a side order of style said...

the dress has me wishing it was summer weather here in Toronto =/
wonderful wardrobe

Nadine said...

Oh that dress is amazing... it really screams "summer"!

Z//A said...

hey dont be sad.. boys are like dat.. even my bf hates taking my pic coz everytime he snap a pic from a wrong angle, ill ask him to snap again.. and usually he'll snap in a more worse angle. *_*

keep on posting i love the pics. its inspirational :)

AsianCajuns said...

You look amazing in that dress!

helvetica said...

a side order of syle

thank you,girls..its one of my fave dress too (every thing with pattern is my fave :D)

yes it is, even its still raining sometimes here.

me too..thats why he's grumbled.
and, thank you..dont worry, i'll keep on posting, i'm getting addict for these fashion blog thingy..

puf! said...

i love dresses with flowers!

and thanks for linking us,
i'm going to add you to our 'favourite' list (;


helvetica said...

you're welcome dear.