Sunday, March 23, 2008

my hair grown fast

i spend my long weekend at my bf's. since i dont live at my parents anymore(they live at the different part of the country), my bf is my only "relative" here, of course i have friends/best friends as sisters , but i guess they all looking forward to spend this holiday with their loved one(with family/their bf too)

i spend my good friday, shopping at thriftmarket at downtown.
above is what i wore yesterday. i didnt dress up, to avoid high prices from the seller.


Ediot said...

oh, i want your hair! like this outfit. cute!

puf! said...

i love the t-shirt! and you look so cute!

Z//A said...

good move! what did u get at the market? :)

AsianCajuns said...

What a great way to spend Good Friday. I had to work.

I do love your hair! My bangs grow out so fast, but I'm scared to cut them myself.