Thursday, March 27, 2008

i need a sleep

i haven't sleep for 36 hours now. and my eyes cant lie.
i need to sleep.
comment back at you guys later, and check all of your post..


Lloyda said...

you are really just too cute! love the red & black contrast of this outfit.

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

love the outfit, makes me want to wear my chucks, your style is awsome

Mine said...

I want a pair of those chucks*arrr
And you're not looking like a girl that worked 36 hours.Respct ;)

AsianCajuns said...

You look very stylish for a sleepy girl! Why have you been up for so long?

Anonymous said...

i like your relax-y outfit! and please.. 36 hours without any sleep it´s so bad!!! Don´t do that again!

ps:I have just realize that you are slightly similar to my bestfriend!

Anonymous said...

Cute layering :)

Anonymous said...

i really love your style, i feel great with the thinking that not only me is so small <#

helvetica said...

lloyda: yes it is, dominant black makes the red more contrast

thank you. chucks always fit any outfit, right?

i dont remember the type, but its pointed, if you noticed :p
thanks. i just get showered, so i look all fresh

thanks,i post the story at the next entry.its the deadline thing :)

i wish it wont happen again, i guess, i'm wishing the impossible things, this industry cannot avoid such thing like overtime.*sobbing*
and about your best friend, really? i would love to see her.hehe, but how?:)

thanks dear..

small is beautiful darling,haha..
but i hate it when i can hardly find my size at major label clothes..