Monday, March 24, 2008

i love TOPSHOP, but..

Established from Decemeber 1998, Monik Clothing focused itself to be the leading of indonesia's local brand start from making a girlie bags, apparel, wallet, hat, and other accessories. Its products spread from a wide variety of bags (backpack, hand bag, messenger bag, travel bag, waist bag, etc), shirts (tee’s and polo), jackets, sweaters, raincoats, pants, caps, wallets, beauty case, hand phone pouch, and sandals.

a good friend of mine, mariskha, a happy loving mother with a common teenage life is one of Monik clothing's designer.

the pictures below is one of her graphic illustration work for monik clothing.
she drew it at early of 2006. this graphic is implicate to most of moniks design apparel and accessories between 2006-2007.

then, shockingly, few months ago, in a one sunny afternoon, this owl is showing at topshop's official website.
well, darling, maybe its only a coincidence, and i dunno what the real story behind all of this:

but, if you see it in detail (please click to enlarge) and trying to compare both design,
its pretty possible and its eventuality topshop is really stole the image and made some minor changes by stretching here and there a bit.

but, i dont know. we'll never know. you're the jury!

(left) mariskha's work for monik
(right) topshop tshirt


Fidget Finds said...

You're right, the owls are incredibly similar. But I gotta say that I love that tee, or anything with owls for that matter! Love your blog!

hahijaw said...

i love monikceltic stuff. i always check on their websites but haven't got the chance buying them. ahahaa hope someday i'll buy their stuff!! ngeee xD