Thursday, March 20, 2008

i love brownie

i'm running out of pencil skirt for work..i have a few, but since i gain my weight
i cant wear them anymore.
and then at the day, my friend from advertising agency asked me a favor,
he was doing this project and he needs 40 people to be photographed holding mizone
at the street scenery for mizone's print-advertisement.and i'm one of them.:))

so, dianarikasari, you're my only fellow blogger who can see the print-ad at our local newspaper, probably KOMPAS, for the next couple of days.

happy holidays everybody!
have fun :)


Anonymous said...

your skirt is really cute :)A

AsianCajuns said...

Great outfit. It's work appropriate, but still really fun!

Eleh said...

you never fail to look good!

Ediot said...

you look soooo awesome!

lc said...

i like the new layout!

and you always look incredible.

helvetica said...

thanks, i really like the skirt, if you notice, i wear them frequent, you can see it at my other entry :p

thxx,maybe the hair style make it looks fun

eleh & ediot
thanks dear :)

thank you and thank you.
never thought you'll notice about the new layout :)

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog! IT´S AMAZING!!! love your style love your style love your style :D

greetings from Mexico

helvetica said...

thank you..como esta?hehe..never mind, i dunno what i'm talking about..

Kool Thing said...

Good style. X

AlicePleasance said...

You look stunning in this outfit and the hairstyle is adorable :-)

addicted said...

adorable! the shots are great, the outfit is perfect. love it!