Thursday, March 13, 2008

i hate climate changes :(

wrong outfit at an extreme sunny day, its really warm, actually hot, today..
when i woke up this morning its cloudy, and when i arrive at the office, the sky is total bright and sunny
and in minutes..its raining cats and dogs! crazy weather.


Eleh said...

we have crazy weather here too! im on the opposite. it was real sunny so i wore skirt but it rained after i left home! and man was i shivering the whole day.

and oh. even in jeans you look good. and gosh your outfit in the previous post is awesome.

helvetica said...

yeah, after reading some blogs from different continent, it happens all the way there too..
scary.i never thought that the global climate change issue is happening this fast.
and sadly we have to do double action and double prepare for stay chic but right in function..

anyway, thank you for the comment:)

Anonymous said...

You look so cool wearing your leather jacket and those cute red shoes!

helvetica said...

thanks nadine, but, its not leather, dear..its parachutes..:)

the iron chic said...

It's been the snowiest winter here since like.....forever!