Friday, March 14, 2008

boho chic

these pictures were taken at my office from sunny day to rainy night to my lovely room
finally, weekend is arrived at my door.
i need to rest my eyes, my fingers from touching mouse and 3dmax, overtime, and so on and so on,
everything attached to work/office.
yaaayy! where is my boyfriend anyway?
he's been very awfully terribly busy this week, and so did i :(
working like keh-rayy zeee..

ah i better stop whining all the time.


bigglassesgirl said...

oh I absolutely love how easy and comfy your skirt looks!

Anonymous said...

I love the boho chic. You look awesome.

helvetica said...

thanks girls:)

Ediot said...

i love this look. i love everything with a cute boho vibe. you do it good!