Sunday, March 23, 2008

50% discount & colorful background

there's a new mall here in jakarta, called pacific place.
actually its not that 'new'..its just me, never had the chance to visit the so called new mall.
and the curiosity all over my head, remembering, the last two project i held, the client mentioned this "pacific place" as the interior reference. damn.

so, after eating-like-a-pig-lunch at izzi pizza (they have this 50% discount for all item, excluded alcohol drinks, and i keep asking the waitress "why?" its so suspicious, for a good pizza house to have 50% discount) we scrolling to downtown and arrive at "pacific place".
most of the store not available yet. but they have this interesting colorful super giant graphic to covered the front shop. a lot of variant of graphic, but these are the graphic/color i like the most :

top: thriftstore
jeans: no label
belt: thriftstore
bag:moms hand me down
sandals:charles and keith


Wendy said...

I like your blouse, such a sweet print.

The Clothes Horse said...

I like the way you belted your shirt. You look too cute. And the graphic on the wall behind you is cool.

Nadine said...

What a great print on your blouse :).

Z//A said...

Agreed. Nice blouse.. :)

dreamecho said...

you have the most amazing bangs/fringe!