Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank God it's friday!!


no heels please.just comfort clothes

ok, here is the story of my
"keh-ray-zee sleepless weekdays"
my office was invited to a huge inte
rior project tender.correction, not "a", its "two" and the due date is wednesday and friday! the same week we got the brief, at monday afternoon! holly crap.
so we work our butts off. working nonstop remix of 36 hours from tuesday to wednesday morning. from 8 am to 8 am the next morning, go home for bath, checking email, and back to the office at 10am to continue working and designing the next proposal design for friday until 1 am the next day(thursday).

at thursday to friday, we did it again. working 24 hours nonstop.without sleeping. and spend the whole time at the office working like a train.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i need a sleep

i haven't sleep for 36 hours now. and my eyes cant lie.
i need to sleep.
comment back at you guys later, and check all of your post..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

little house on the prairie

top: thriftstore
skirt: thriftstore
tightst: metro
bag:moms hand me down

Monday, March 24, 2008

i love TOPSHOP, but..

Established from Decemeber 1998, Monik Clothing focused itself to be the leading of indonesia's local brand start from making a girlie bags, apparel, wallet, hat, and other accessories. Its products spread from a wide variety of bags (backpack, hand bag, messenger bag, travel bag, waist bag, etc), shirts (tee’s and polo), jackets, sweaters, raincoats, pants, caps, wallets, beauty case, hand phone pouch, and sandals.

a good friend of mine, mariskha, a happy loving mother with a common teenage life is one of Monik clothing's designer.

the pictures below is one of her graphic illustration work for monik clothing.
she drew it at early of 2006. this graphic is implicate to most of moniks design apparel and accessories between 2006-2007.

then, shockingly, few months ago, in a one sunny afternoon, this owl is showing at topshop's official website.
well, darling, maybe its only a coincidence, and i dunno what the real story behind all of this:

but, if you see it in detail (please click to enlarge) and trying to compare both design,
its pretty possible and its eventuality topshop is really stole the image and made some minor changes by stretching here and there a bit.

but, i dont know. we'll never know. you're the jury!

(left) mariskha's work for monik
(right) topshop tshirt

Sunday, March 23, 2008

50% discount & colorful background

there's a new mall here in jakarta, called pacific place.
actually its not that 'new'..its just me, never had the chance to visit the so called new mall.
and the curiosity all over my head, remembering, the last two project i held, the client mentioned this "pacific place" as the interior reference. damn.

so, after eating-like-a-pig-lunch at izzi pizza (they have this 50% discount for all item, excluded alcohol drinks, and i keep asking the waitress "why?" its so suspicious, for a good pizza house to have 50% discount) we scrolling to downtown and arrive at "pacific place".
most of the store not available yet. but they have this interesting colorful super giant graphic to covered the front shop. a lot of variant of graphic, but these are the graphic/color i like the most :

top: thriftstore
jeans: no label
belt: thriftstore
bag:moms hand me down
sandals:charles and keith

summer dress for sushi time

today me and my bf went to this oldfashion sushi house, called sushi tengoku at south jakarta. we eat like crazy. unfortunately the pictures of what we ate is on his camera, only these left at mine:

and these:

today i was so glad that the bf wants to participate to take my outfit pictures, for the sake of this blog..but at the last picture, he's grumbled..he says that why am i taking too much pictures, and he thinks other people will annoyed, seeing me posing around at public and flashing with the camera. and it makes me a little cranky.

ok, maybe he's right :(

my hair grown fast

i spend my long weekend at my bf's. since i dont live at my parents anymore(they live at the different part of the country), my bf is my only "relative" here, of course i have friends/best friends as sisters , but i guess they all looking forward to spend this holiday with their loved one(with family/their bf too)

i spend my good friday, shopping at thriftmarket at downtown.
above is what i wore yesterday. i didnt dress up, to avoid high prices from the seller.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

i love brownie

i'm running out of pencil skirt for work..i have a few, but since i gain my weight
i cant wear them anymore.
and then at the day, my friend from advertising agency asked me a favor,
he was doing this project and he needs 40 people to be photographed holding mizone
at the street scenery for mizone's print-advertisement.and i'm one of them.:))

so, dianarikasari, you're my only fellow blogger who can see the print-ad at our local newspaper, probably KOMPAS, for the next couple of days.

happy holidays everybody!
have fun :)

blue & white

18 march 2008 - night
floral top : moms hand me down
skirt: just discovered them at th backside of my car
tights: metro
bag: a gift from my bf's mom - dorothy perkins
belt: thrift store

green & baby blue

18 march 2008 - office hour

Monday, March 17, 2008

i love monday

these are my outfits today. the 1st picture is
working outfit from 8 to 5.
and the pictures below are my outfits at night.

my boss throw a farewell party for mr.henk der vries,
dedato amsterdam's big boss.he's retire at age 65.
mind my tired sleepy face..a little bit tired, arranging the party, and the table set, decorating the venue, and too much wine..

need to sleep now