Tuesday, February 26, 2008


hello people..
just call me helvetica. i'm 25 years old.and i'm an interior designer. i've been reading fashion blogs for 2 months now, and finally decide to made one of my own.

i've been blogging offline since then,well actually
i always documenting my outfits since i got my own real digital camera instead of using my camera phone which i always did before.

i'm not so into fashion actually. but i loove nice clothes, dress, bags, shoeesss..hahah OK i love fashion then, maybe not stylish enough to tagging myself as a stylish fashionista or something like it.

i'm simple, and put "comfortable" as my state of fashion.
but i really love to see people all over europe who can wear coats and boots as their daily outfits..envy them a lot.
they simply being stylish effortless :)
in my country, summer is all year long, we only have 2 seasons which is summer and summer..hahah ok, summer, and rainy season.

the coldest wheather we have is 18celsius degrees in certain parts of my country.
its not cold enough to wear a coat, and for having the world's worst public transportations, we dont think boots can be use in daily purpose...

OK enough said of my personal life story,
feel free to drop a line in my comment box :)

i'll be around

and i'm sorry for the bad english ;)


the_kitten said...

oh i think u ARE stylish! at least sth i'd declare as such!

helvetica said...

wow, thank you..its a very pleasant comment,i really love your blog, maybe you're one of my inspiration to create this fashion blog :)

salyn said...

i just discovered your blog. i love it!!! i wish you had a blog when i visited indonesia. i made a side trip there while visiting family in the philippines and friends in singapore. i'm from ny. but yes, i went a year ago and had no style guide. ahh well. by the way, you are super stylish, a fashionista too.

ed said...