Saturday, March 1, 2008

i need a copywriter

haha, no i'm not an art director, i'm an interior designer, remember?
hahaha but its seems my blog running out of words..
its not about i dont know what to say, but i am clueless to translate it into english..
i really have a bad English, grammatically..

i am worried people will laughing at my bad grammar :D
and i've been posting mucchh entry to chatch up,
i'm new to this kind of fashion blogshpere :)

its really fun to finally made one of mine.
i've been blogwalking around and feeling really happy to see people dressed diffrent and unique AND documenting it..

dress diffrent, post me a comment,and i'll link you to my list :)




Stararah said...

I'll link you back!

I like your style, it's cute. :)

helvetica said...

thanx stararah..