Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i (bag) your pardon?

what's inside my bag?

are you bringing all of your stuff around like me?

these are things inside my bag, EVERYDAY.

by theclockwise:

- my wallet

i bought it from makassar.love it, but its always empty, i always put my money around my camera case, or at my bag's pocket.

- orange note book

for my daily project schedulle. minutes meeting, supplier phone number, client, co worker, email address, etc.

everything between me and dedato, and everything attach to it :)

- velvet wine diary

for my daily personal plan, expenses, wishing list, phone, email, diary, drawing, etc

-cigarette without lighter, dunhill menthol lights

" dit, pinjem korek diiitt"

- vintage glasses

- orange pencil case, with hershey's reese's cups print on it.

pencils, eraser, marker.

- aspirin

antidote for hangover and too much deadline issue in soo little time.

- card holder, morning glory

digital studio college card, rspi card,gff, sim, ktp, atms, my dedato cardname, and

all of the member card i have.

- gold vintage watch, casio

jam sejuta umat, indonesia, singapore, blogwalking at blogger, flicker,everyone has the same watch with various type


- gsm & cdma cellular phone + headset radio

- a group of keys w/ refrigerator chain

my room, front door, the gate, my room balcony.

- blush on, revlon-sandal wood beige

- lip butter, bodyshop- papaya

- nail &cuticle balm, bodyshop- almond oil

- minii body butter, bodyshop- passion fruit.

- gogirl's silver beads case for lolita, my 30gb ipod+the wire+earphone

- inspirational_but_there_is_never_a_right_moment_and_not enough_time_to_read_book

" its not how good you are, its how good you want to be" by paul arden

- my precious "virgin mary&baby jesus" case.

i heart it a lot. it is my camera case.

- minyak telon, nyonya meneer.

i'm addicted to it, and sometimes cant sleep without it.

- body spray, bath & body works-rice flower &shea

- barcelona ring

souvenir from my boss. he went around europe last christmast..girls at my work have it all, we called it "TF angels ring" xp

- hair clip with tartan print.

ok, a little bit too much stuff for a medium size of bag,and my shoulder is a stone. haha

i'm tagging all of you who view this blog entry

show me what inside your bag!!

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