Sunday, December 28, 2008

singaporean blogger lets meet up :)

i'm at singapore right now, till the new year eve.
drop me some line, lets meet up :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the velvet sky

the view from my desk.amazing isn't it?
and acouple of outfit picture wuth the harem pants.

my favorite pants, recently :)

at sour sally with the bf's sister

i love my girlfriends

Monik, my former housemate, ask me for a quick tutorial about Adobe photoshop, she need it for an illustration project. after a couple of hours short course, we rode away to pick up chacha at pacific place. she's on duty as a coordinator or something at seventeen magazine's event (where she's working as a fashion stylist). so here we are again, three of us, like the old time :))
ohh i miss our house so badly, girls!! ( we're housemates, you know! for almost 5 years)
and, moving off from pacific place, to anomali, where some of our friends, preparing for monik's-not-so-surprise-party..hahahah, i know for sure that bitch is already knew all the plan, and pretending (like she always did) and being a drama queen, with her fake shocking face..hahahah

happy birthday monica hapsari! i love you with all my heart, come on, make me proud with the result of the digital illustration xD she's an amazing illustrator, ooohh of course you too mba acha :)) and they misspell her name, doesnt matter though :D

and former housemates configuration, without my bf,and chacha's bf.

wish you were here mas cibuy..kemod terlalu sibuk ah! hehehe

aand, some what we wore today picture

i really miss you girls..and our crazy life under one roof

And i just getting Drunk..

The whitest boy alive & steve aoki at bengkel night park.
and, yeah i met yvan, the facehunter. but sadly, we just made an eye contact, and he run out of the blue, and looks so busy.
he stayed at my friend's house though, and that friend of mine, invite me to meet him in person, if not for a photo shoot, maybe a little chitchat over coffee or tea. that would be very nice, if i had the chance and so much time to do that. and again, over time at the office nearly became my middle name.

this is what i wore that night.

after that i join my brother and his girlfriends and his former housemate.

and another night in the middle of the week, when the next day supposed to be a very hectic day of a project deadline!!

oh and this is the picture when i dress my hair up for tira&reno's wedding reception

i love the hair looks like a lion's hair.

my friends are getting married

early this month, my childhood girlfriend, Tira, is getting married.
She married to Reno, after a couple of years dating.
this is what i wore to the wedding reception. its a little, edgy, i guess, about the gap in my chest..hahah..and the family, and also the guests, mostly are so conservative, and their eyeballs almost jump off their eyes, seeing me dressing up like this..

i really love Tira&Reno's prewedding photo session, its like a fashion spread or something, looks so classy & exclusive. there is much more than this, but i haven't had the time to capture them all..
Congratulation Tira & Reno! :)
with the newlywed & friends from highschool
its been ages, since the last time i meet them all! so happy that day :))
and finally meet my dearest bestfriend, mona, whose married a couple months ago, remember?
she's 6 months pregnant right now! soon i'm gonna be an aunty to my future niece, yes, she's a baby girl!!

and mr. vice president of indonesia giving his best wishes for the newlywed.
the bride is his niece.